Add Examination

Screen Description

The Add Examination screen provides interface for adding a new midterm or final examination.

Add Examination


New Examination


This section provides information about the instructional offering components (classes, instructional offering configurations, course offerings, and instructional offerings) whose students need to take this examination. These components define what students are to be attending the examination (i.e., students that are enrolled into the classes/courses/etc. displayed in this section).

The column names are self-explanatory.

Examination Period Preferences

Time grids are displayed based on the examination type. For Midterm Examinations, the available time periods are all marked as Prohibited; the user needs to select a different preference level for the time periods that can be used.

Select the preference level in the colored squares in the legend and then click on the examination time periods that should have that preference.

Room Group Preference

Room Preferences

Building Preferences

Room Feature Preferences