Assigned Classes

Screen Description

The Assigned Classes screen provides a view of time/room assignments for classes of a selected or loaded timetable. Note: To see all the classes for a particular subject area, go to the Classes or Class Assignments screen.

Assigned Classes


Assigned Classes

The list of assigned classes contains classes of the selected/loaded timetable together with their time and room assignments. The colors of the time and room assignments reflect the preference put on a given class for that given time or room (for example, a blue time means that the time was a required time for a given class, an orange room means that the room was strongly discouraged for a given class). The legend for this color coding is displayed at the bottom of the list.

The color on the class name indicates how easily is the class to move.

The color coding is very similar but computed slightly differently for a class that is not assigned (based on whether it can be assigned to one or more times and one or more rooms).

The columns displayed in the table are described in the Class Assignment Properties help page. You can sort by any of the columns by clicking on the appropriate column heading.

Click on any class to get to the Suggestions screen for that class - you can make changes to the time and/or room assignment in that screen.