Batch Student Solver Dashboard

Screen Description

The Batch Student Solver Dashboard screen displays information about student requests/enrollments that have been loaded into the batch sectioning solver. There are numerous filtering capabilities on this page.


The filter at the top of the Online Student Scheduling Dashboard page controls the search criteria used to display data on the page. When the user accesses the Online Student Scheduling Dashboard page for the first time the filter will be blank. Once the user has entered search criteria in the filter and performed a search the page will remember the last search performed by the user and automatically populate the filter with that search criteria the next time the user accesses the page.  See Scheduling Dashboard Filter for more details.

Note: In addition to any search criteria entered into the Filter, the data displayed in the Scheduling Dashboard is also filtered by the access to the data granted by a user’s role.


The page shows up to two tabs - Enrollments with detailed information about courses and classes, Students with enrollment information ordered by students. Keep in mind that the table reflects the restrictions entered in the Filter. See the description for each of them below.


Click on any class or course to get to its Enrollments dialog (which shows a list of enrolled students together with some additional information).

The table can be sorted by any table header - just click on it, then on the “Sort by” option that opens.


Note: some columns need not be displayed in the table if they are not applicable to the current situation

Click on any line from the table to get to a list of Classes for a given student.

The table ends with a line of totals for the number of students, student enrollments, wait-enrolled student requests, reservations, and required consents.