Examination Assignment

Screen Description

The Examination Assignment screen provides interface for assigning time period and/or room to an examination manually (that includes making changes to the current assignment).

Examination Assignment


The top section of the screen provides an overview of examination properties.

New Assignment(s)

A list of changes that will be made to the examination timetable after the Assign button is clicked.

Violated Distribution Preferences

This list of violated distribution preferences is displayed only if applicable.

Student Conflicts

This table lists details about student conflicts for the selected examination.

Instructor Conflicts

The structure of the Instructor Conflicts table is the same as the one of the Student Conflicts table described above.

Available Periods

This section presents a list of available time periods for this examination with the following information for each of the periods:

Available Rooms

This section, listing rooms available for the examination at a given time, is displayed after a time period has been selected.

Click Apply to apply changes to the list of rooms

The rooms are displayed in six columns. For each of the room there is a building abbreviation, room number and room capacity. To select a room for a given examination, click on its name. Only when you have the desired number of seats in the room(s) selected the rooms become a part of the assignment in the New Assignment(s) section. (You can select more than one room if the number in Maximum Number of Rooms is larger than one.)


The Suggestions section is only displayed when the examinations are loaded to the solver (through the Examination Solver page). Check the checkbox in front of the name of the section to see possible period/room assignment changes (suggestions). The suggestions are listed in the order of possible “harmfulness” to the existing examination timetable.


Sample use of this screen

Situation: The user wants to switch rooms for two examinations that are held at the same time. At the beginning, Exam 1 has Room A at a certain time and Exam 2 has Room B at the same time. The user wants to end up with Exam 1 in Room B and Exam 2 in Room A, time unchanged.


1. Get to this Examination Assignment screen for Exam 1 from e.g. the list of Examinations.
2. In Available Periods, click on the time period highlighted with a blue background - that is the currently assigned time period.
3. In the Available Rooms section (that showed up after clicking on the time period), check the "Allow conflicts" checkbox and click Apply. Room B should appear in red letters.
4. Click on Room B in the Available Rooms
5. In the New Assignment(s) section, click on Exam 2 (the line with Exam 2 was added to New Assignment(s) because the room for Exam 2 was unassigned)
6. In Available Periods, click on the time period that also became unassigned (the time that you want to keep)
7. In Available Rooms, click on Room A; now the New Assignment(s) section should show a change that results in Exam 1 having Room B and Exam 2 having Room A.
8. Click on the Assign button under the New Assignment(s) section
9. Click OK in the pop-up window (yes, you want to save changes)

The switch has been made!