Examination Types

Screen Description

Since UniTime 3.4, the examination timetabling is no longer limited to only two examination problems. Multiple examination types can be defined on the Examination Types page. The examination types are academic session independent, however, only examination types that have some examination periods defined will show on examination pages (e.g., Examinations page, Type drop down). Similarly, a set of rooms that are available for a particular examination problem (together with their availabilities and default period preferences) can only defined for examination types that already have some examination periods defined in the academic session.

Examination Types

Examinations of each examination type are timetabled separately. So, for instance, there can be a different examination timetable for midterm and for evening exams during a term, or there can be multiple final examination timetables produced during the summer session (e.g., one for the first half and another for the second half).

The Examination Types page is visible to users with Examination Types permission, changes can be made with Examination Type Edit permission.


While there can be many examination types defined, all of them are either of final or of midterm examination type. This type drives how the examination period preferences are displayed, whether there will be midterm or final examination events created (see Events page), and they are used in the status types (see Status Types page). This needs to be taken in consideration when a new examination type is being created.

On the other hand, each examination type does have a different set of examination periods defined and it can have a different set of examination rooms.

Only examination types that are not being used (i.e., there is no examination period of the type created) can be deleted. For historic reasons, there always have to be one final examination type and one midterm examination type. Examination types that are being used cannot have the type changed as well.


To edit or delete an examination type, click on the appropriate line, Edit Examination Type page will appear. All the types can be edited on the Edit Examination Types page. To do so, click on the Edit button.

A new examination type can be added on the Edit Examination Types page (button Edit) or using Add Examination Type page (button Add).

The table can be ordered by any of the columns. To do so, click on the column header and select Sort by option.