Instructor Roles

Screen Description

Instructor Roles page can be used to assign a role (that has the Instructor toggle checked, see Roles page) to an instructor or other department personel. That is to anyone from the Instructors page for a particular department. This feature may be handy if a schedule manager or event manager is allowed to dedicate some (usually lesser) roles to people within his/her department. For instance, an event manager can give other people from the department to request and/or approve event in the departmental event rooms. Or, a schedule manager can dedicate some part of the data entry to his/her assistants. To enable this functionality, appropriate roles need to be created on the Roles page with the appropriate permissions provided on the Permissions page first.

Instructor Roles

Permission Instructor Roles is needed to access the page, changes can be made (for a particular department) when the Instructor Role Edit permission.


Each instructor of a department can be given a role. If a new person is looked up, an appropriate instructor is also created on the Instructors page. Administrative uses do only see instructors which already have a role given on this page. Users of department dependent roles (e.g., an event manager or a schedule manager) can see all instructors of their department(s). See the second screen shot.


To change or remove a role from an instructor, click on the appropriate line, Edit Instructor Role page will appear. All instructor roles can be edited on the Edit Instructor Roles page. To do so, click on the Edit button.

A role can be assigned to a new instructor on the Edit Instructor Roles page (button Edit) or using Add Instructor Role page (button Add). These pages also allow for adding a new person into the department.

The table can be ordered by any of the columns. To do so, click on the column header and select Sort by option.