Online Student Scheduling Dashboard

Screen Description

The Online Student Scheduling Dashboard screen provides a tool for displaying a given set of course requests/student enrollments or students. The page also displays information from the sectioning log (either for a particular student or by a given filter). The page is available for administrators, scheduling deputies (can approve consent), student advisors (can change student enrollment), and course coordinators (can approve consent of instructor). Course coordinators can only see courses that are assigned to them. The page has extensive filtering capabilities (by the student, group, curriculum, course, subject, consent, …). It is possible to email students and/or change their scheduling status (admin only).

Online Student Scheduling Dashboard


The filter at the top of the Online Student Scheduling Dashboard page controls the search criteria used to display data on the page. When the user accesses the Online Student Scheduling Dashboard page for the first time the filter will be blank. Once the user has entered search criteria in the filter and performed a search the page will remember the last search performed by the user and automatically populate the filter with that search criteria the next time the user accesses the page.  See Scheduling Dashboard Filter for more details.

Note: In addition to any search criteria entered into the Filter, the data displayed in the Scheduling Dashboard is also filtered by the access to the data granted by a user’s role.


The page shows up to three tabs - Enrollments with detailed information about courses and classes, Students with enrollment information ordered by students, and Change Log with a list of changes in enrollments. See the description for each of them below.


Online Student Scheduling Dashboard

Click on any class or course to get to its Enrollments dialog (which shows a list of enrolled students together with some additional information).


Online Student Scheduling Dashboard

Click on any student to get to the screen with Classes for that student.

Change Log

Online Student Scheduling Dashboard

For the Change Log, the Filter can be used with further parameters

The Change Log table has the following columns

Click on any change in the change log to get to its Change message screen with more detailed information about the change.