Published Schedule Runs

Screen Description

Since UniTime 4.4, a batch student scheduling solver run can be published. There can be only one published solver run for each academic session, but UniTime will retain a history of the previous runs that have been published. A published run can be visible to other users that have the permissions to see the Student Sectioning Dashboard and/or Published Schedule Runs page.

Published Schedule Runs


A published solver run is visible to all users that have the Student Scheduling and Student Sectioning Solver Dashboard and/or Student Sectioning Solver Reports permissions (possibly including advisors, departmental schedule managers, and instructors). It shows in the solver status (below the page name) as Solver Published. A published solver run is static (it is loaded in the solver, but cannot be started or modified using the Scheduling Assistant dialog on the dashboard).

The Published Schedule Runs shows all runs that have been published so far. The one that is currently published has a light green background.