Saved Timetables

Screen Description

The Timetables screen contains information about saved timetables. This page can also be used to select, load, save, commit, uncommit or delete a timetable.


Saved Timetables

This section contains a list of saved timetables with their properties. The description of the properties can be found in the Solution Properties screen.

Under the list of saved timetables, there is a line for loading an empty timetable/solution into the interactive solver. The operation is

Selected Timetable

To select a timetable, click on the appropriate line in the Saved Timetables table. Once there is a timetable selected, there is a Selected Timetable section present in the Timetables screen displaying the properties of the timetable (see Solution Properties for the description of these properties) as well as the operations that can be executed on a selected timetable.


Loaded Timetable

You can load one or more of the saved and selected timetables or an “empty” timetable (in this case, only the classes that require a particular time and room will have those assigned).


The operations available depend on the status of the solver (whether the data is loaded, the solver running, etc.).

  1. While the timetable is loading, the only operation available is
    • Refresh
      • Refresh the Timetables screen
  2. When a solution is loaded, the status is changed to Awaiting Commands…, which you can see in the upper right part of the screen (close to the screen name). You can proceed by clicking on the Refresh button. Other operations will be available once the solution is loaded:
    • Save
      • Save a solution
        • The solution which was loaded is overwritten; if the loaded solution was committed, it is uncommitted first.
    • Save as New
      • Save a new solution
    • Save & Commit
      • Save and commit a solution
        • The solution which was loaded is overwritten. Any previously committed solutions in the same solver group will be uncommitted.
    • Save as New & Commit
      • Save and commit a new solution. Any previously committed solutions in the same solver group will be uncommitted.
    • Reload Input Data
      • Reload the input data into the solver, keep the existing time and room assignments from the timetable you have been working with
        • This option is particularly handy when you need to reload input data because of some change, but you do not want to loose the changes made in the timetable (alternative way is Save → Unload → Load)
    • Unload
      • Unload the timetable from the solver
        • The solution together with a copy of the input data will no longer be kept in memory of a solver server
        • All unsaved information will be lost