Student Scheduling Assistant

Screen Description

The Student Scheduling Assistant helps students build a workable class schedule.  It takes a list of courses a student is interested in and determines the class sections the student needs to take in order to get as many of the courses being requested as possible.  The Student Scheduling Assistant tries to calculate a schedule for the student based on the following criteria:

Once the assistant has suggested a schedule a student can make changes to the schedule until she finds a combination of time for the classes that meets her needs.

In the Student Scheduling Assistant screen, a student may enter a prioritized list of courses he/she would like to take in a given term. It is also possible to enter course alternatives and free time requests. Then a personal schedule is offered to the student and he/she can enroll in the classes as offered.

Student Scheduling Assistant

Courses and Priorities

The student begins with the screen in this mode to set up a list of prioritized courses with alternatives and free time requests.

Course Requests

Table of courses ordered by student’s priority (courses on the first line have the highest priority). Each course can have up to two alternatives that have the same priority for the student as his/her first choice on a given line. The second or third choice are only used if the first choice is unavailable or does not fit with higher priority courses in the list.

Click on the magnifying glass to get to the Course Finder screen for more information about possible courses.

To move a line with a course and its alternatives one line up or one line down, click on the appropriate arrow at the end of the line.

Alternate Course Requests

Table of alternative courses in the order of priority. These alternatives will be used if some of the courses from the Courses table and their alternatives cannot be scheduled (due to conflicts with higher priority courses or because they are full already).


Personal Schedule

The Personal Schedule mode of the Student Scheduling Assistant screen presents a list of classes with their assigned times and rooms to which further changes can be made. The user can click on any class and get to the Alternatives screen where there are options for change (if any change is possible) - for example, to take a course at a different time or in a different location.

Student Scheduling Assistant

List of Classes

Click on any class in the list to get to the Alternatives screen to see if there are alternative times or rooms for that class.

There is a small toggle Show unassignments in the lower right-hand corner. When the checkbox is checked, any classes that would be unassigned as a result of the current work with the Student Scheduling Assistant will be displayed.

Time Grid

Student’s schedule displayed as a time grid (as opposed to a list of classes).Click on any class in the timetable to get to the Alternatives screen to see if there are alternative times or rooms for that class.

Student Scheduling Assistant

Student Availability

A student may not be available during a particular time because he/she is teaching some other class. Both batch and online solvers now consider this student/instructor availability. A student can now see his/her teaching assignments in the Scheduling Assistant as well.

Student Scheduling Assistant

Teaching assignments are on top of the list, in dark blue with the teacher icon (teacher icon is not present when the student must be available during the class, but is not assigned as an instructor to it – see Instructor Scheduling component, common classes).



Free time requests

There are two ways to enter a free time request

  1. In the list of courses, enter the request in the form of “Free F 10:00a - 10:30a” or “Free TR 2:00p - 3:00p” etc.
  2. Go to the Course Finder screen and click on the “Free Time” tab; then click on the times that should stay free and then press Enter

Shortcuts for navigation through the Courses or Alternatives table