Add Instructor Attribute Type

Screen Description

The Add Instructor Attribute Type can be used to create a new attribute type. Instructor attribute types are used to categorize instructor attributes. The user needs to have Instructor Attribute Type Edit permission to be able to create a new instructor attribute type. See Instructor Attribute Types for more details.

Add Instructor Attribute Type


Each attribute type has an abbreviation, a name, and two toggles:

For example, if a teaching request strongly prefers Organic Chemistry Skill and prefers Inorganic Chemistry Skill (assuming that the Skill is a required disjunctive attribute type), an instructor must have either Organic Chemistry Skill or Inorganic Chemistry Skill (because of the required attribute type). Among these, instructors with both skills are most preferred, after which instructors with only the Organic Chemistry Skill are preferred before instructors with only the Inorganic Chemistry Skill (because of the strongly preferred preference on the Organic Chemistry Skill).

If the Skill attribute type is not marked as required attribute, instructors without the above two skills can also teach the course but are less preferred than instructors with one or both of the above two skills


Click Save to create the new attribute type. The button Back will get you back to Instructor Attribute Types page without creating any new attribute types.