Default Academic Session

There is no default to be set as different users can access different academic sessions. The following rules are applied in computation of the default session of a user. Only academic sessions that the user can access are considered. And if the user is a timetabling manager, only academic sessions for which he/she has a manager role are considered first. Similarly, if a No Role role is allowed, the sessions for which the user does not have any other role are only considered if there is no default among all sessions for which the user has a role.




Otherwise (e.g., there is no role, no such permission assigned, or no appropriate role based on the permission to return), the following session is returned:

  1. current session
  2. first future session (if there is no current session)
  3. last active session (if there is no current or future session)
  4. last session that is not a test session (including inactive sessions, i.e., if all available sessions are inactive)

Also, if the application property tmtbl.keeplastused.session is set to true (it defaults to false), the academic session that the user used last time is remembered and automatically returned as the default one (if it is among the sessions that are available to the user).