Edit Event Date Mappings

Screen Description

The Edit Event Date Mappings page can be used to create, modify, or delete existing date mappings using a single page. Event date mappings are used to map class dates to event dates whenever there is a need to follow a different day schedule on a particular day. See Event Date Mappings for more details.

Edit Event Date Mappings

The user needs to have Event Date Mapping Edit permission to be able to edit event date mappings. Also, there cannot be any course timetabling solution committed at that time.


An event date mapping has a class date, an event date and a note. If multiple mappings are defined, both class and event dates need to be unique (there cannot be two event date mappings with the same class date or the same event date). Both dates need to be within the given academic session and the class date should be different from the event date. The note is optional.


Click Save to save the event date mappings. The button Back will get you back to Event Date Mappings page without making any changes. A new line can be added by clicking on the green plus button, a line (and the appropriate date mapping) can be deleted by clicking the red x button.