Add Role

Screen Description

The Add Role page can be used to create a new role. Such a role can be assigned to UniTime managers (Timetable Managers page) or instructors (Instructor Roles page). The user needs to have Role Edit permission to be able to edit roles. Permissions of a role can be defined on the Permissions page. See Roles page for more details.

Add Role


A role has a reference and a name. When Instructor toggle is checked, the role can be assigned to an instructor (or any departmental personell) using the Instructor Roles page. When the toggle is unchecked, the role can be only used on the Timetable Managers page. Roles that are not enabled can be assigned to managers (or instructors), but they will not get assigned to the authenticated users.


Click Save to create the new role. The button Back will get you back to Roles page without creating any new roles.