Manage Solvers

Screen Description

The Manage Solvers screen provides an overview of all running solvers and servers available for running the solvers. The administrator can also access any of the running solvers and work with it the same way as the user who started it.

Manage Solvers


Manage Solvers

Each line in the Manage Solvers section corresponds to one solver running. The “Owner” is in most cases the schedule manager logged on to the application. If the solver was started by an administrator in disguise - if the administrator switched to a different user using Chameleon - that different user is shown here.

An administrator can click on any of the solvers and then he/she will see information in the Timetables section of the application as if he/she was the user running the solver (the administrator can then also make changes to the timetable, save, unload, etc.).

For each solver, the following operation is available

Note: Each user can have only one solver instance created at a time.

Available Servers

A list of servers. The columns in the list are

For each server, the following operations are available