Offering Consent Types

Screen Description

The Offering Consent Types page can be used to change names and abbreviations of existing offering consent types.

Offering Consent Types

In UniTime, a consent can be given either by an instructor (course coordinator) or by a department (department scheduling manager). If a course requires a consent, a student enrolled in the course is in a waiting for consent state until the appropriate manager (course coordinator or scheduling manager) gives the consent or rejects the student from the course. The consent can be given using the Online Student Scheduling Dashboard. This technique provides an alternative to reservations which need to be given before a student enrolls in a course, and unlike the reservations, consents are approved (or rejected) after the fact (i.e., once a student is enrolled in a course).


A consent type has a reference (which cannot be changed), a name and an abbreviation. Both names and abbreviations must be unique.


A particular consent type can be changed by clicking the appropriate line. All consents can be edited at once by clicking the Edit button.