Screen Description

The Reservations screen provides an overview of all reservations in a given academic session. It is possible to filter the list by different criteria, sort the table by different columns and click on any of the reservations to get to its Edit Reservation screen.




The list of reservations resulting from the search has the following columns

If the reservation is in grey letters, it is not editable (either you do not have the right to edit it or, during student scheduling, you need to go through the Instructional Offering Detail screen to first lock the instructional offering to be able to make changes and then make changes from the Instructional Offering Detail screen, the section Reservations).

Click on any column header and then on the “Sort by…” menu item that pops up to sort by that column.

Click on any line with a reservation (if it is in black letters) to go to its Edit Reservation screen to make changes.