Add Subject Area

Screen Description

The Add Subject Area screen provides you with interface for adding a new subject area.


    • Academic Session

        • The academic session for which you are adding a new subject area

        • Can be changed from the Academic Sessions screen

    • Abbreviation

        • Subject area abbreviation

    • Title

        • Title of the new subject area

    • External ID

        • External ID of the subject area (optional)

    • Department

        • Select an existing department to which the subject area belongs (a subject area has to belong to a department)

            • A new department can be added in the Add Department screen - to get there, click on Departments in the Administration section of the left hand side menu

    • Funding Department

        • The department funding the classes for this subject area if they are funded by a department other than the department to which the subject area belongs.

            • This field is not visible by default. To enable this field the application property must be set to true.


    • Save (ALT+S)

    • Back (ALT+B)