Subject Areas

Screen Description

The Subject Areas screen lists all subject areas for a given academic session with some basic information about them.


The top line shows the academic session for which the subject areas are listed. The list contains the following columns (and can be sorted by any of them by clicking on the column heading)

    • Abbv

        • Abbreviation of the subject area

    • Title

        • Title of the subject area

    • External ID

        • External ID of the subject area (optional)

    • Department

        • Department to which the subject area belongs (required)

    • Funding Department

        • The department funding the classes for this subject area if they are funded by a department other than the department to which the subject area belongs.

            • This column is not visible by default. To enable this column the application property must be set to true.

    • Managers

        • A list of managers associated with the department

    • Last Change

        • Date and time of the last change made to the input data of that subject area

Click on any subject area to edit it in the Edit Subject Area screen.


    • Add Subject Area

    • Edit Subject Area

    • Export PDF

        • Export the list of subject areas to a PDF document